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CRN T-Shirts, Capt, Totes and other Gear
T-shirt features CRN logo on front & motto (A Farce to be Reckoned With!) on back.

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CRN /WOLF T-Shirts & CRN/WOLF Pirate Bandanas
Battle Hymn of the Conch Republic CD

T-shirt front features CRN Logo & motto (A Farce to be Reckoned With!) and WOLF artwork on back. CRN/WOLF Pirate Bandanas; Battle Hymn of the CR CD (written & 'rapped' by ADM Finbar, 1st Sea Lord of the CR) are also available. Email:

CRN Burgees
CRN Burgees are available and look great on your boat, ship or wherever you want to fly it! Contact FADM Frank Holden, 2nd Sea Lord of the CR. Email:

CRN Key West Wooden Nickel “Tuit'

The Conch Republic Navy recently issued a Conch Republic Navy Key West Wooden Nickel 'Tuit' and it is now available on

CRN $100 Peace Bonds

CRN $100 Peace Bonds are available for $10 and redeemable in 99 years! Designed by Florida Fantasy Artist Don Maitz, they are suitable for framing. or 305.296.9694

CRN Vehicle Decals
Great for your car, van, bike or whatever you drive!

CRN Shoulder Boards and CRN Insignia Patches
This is where you can purchase those bells and whistles for your dress uniform! Contact RADM Matthew 'Moose' Massoud at:

Slip-on Epaulets & Scrambled Eggs
This is where you can purchase white shirts and pants....and they also have scrambled eggs for officer caps and hats Just mention you are with the CRN!

CRN Uniforms and Epaulet Shirts
See index 3, item C

Officer Hats & White Short Sleeve Shirt (with Epaulets Tab ) (Army ASU Shirt item # 07-202)

Medals and rank


Email us at or call us at 305-296-9694